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1. Download the App

With the Quinable App, your working world is now directly in your control.

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2. Create a Profile

Showcase your talents by creating a professional profile easily and securely. Upload all your credentials and store them easily. 

3. Explore the Openings

Work when you want, where you want and get paid all within Quinable. Browse the jobs, state your hourly rate and always have work available!

How it works

Step 1

Build Your Amazing Profile

Upload all your credentials to showcase your professionalism to Facilities in need of your services today.

Step 2

Browse All Available Shifts

Browse open shifts, find the ones you like and state the rate you want to be paid. The facility will review your information and if they select you – you are ready to go to work!

Step 3

Collect Your Earnings

After working, electronically submit your time to the facility for approval and collect your earnings. Easy as 1-2-3!

Flexible Work in Today’s World

Technology is changing the way everyone works. Quinable was designed to provide a complete matchmaking solution for professionals to work together while offering the rewarding benefits to all of its users.


What We Offer

Today’s talent wants more flexibility but higher pay. Companies want the best talent with lower costs. Quinable brings everyone together in a cohesive platform for them to negotiate and work together.

1000’s of shifts posted daily in real time

Same day payouts

Flexibility over your schedule

Control over your pay


Our Approach to Harmony

With Quinable, businesses are now able to get the help they need, control costs and handle contingent labor from one easy to use platform. Businesses that utilize Quinable are able to see a reduction in spend of up to 20%.

The harmony continues, because not only does Quinable reduce spending for companies, but it also allows the workers to control their time, control their schedule, and control their rate of pay for services rendered.

Harmony with Quinable is achievable for all parties because there is no longer the unnecessary expense, control, and delays of having multiple intermediaries to meet each other’s objectives. With Quinable, we have cut the expense saving everyone time and money. Instead of pocketing this savings, we give it back to the businesses and the workers.

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