I love the power given to me to control my labor cost while satisfying my staffing needs. Both are possible with Quinable!”

Maria Verschatse
Executive Director, Windemere 

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The Quinable Staffing Platform will fill your open shifts with qualified professionals in minutes while saving you money too!

One Stop Shop to Control Your Costs

Dive into high-value pool of Healthcare Providers and receive first in-class service when you sign up. Gone are the days of calling around looking for help and overspending for it too.

The Quinable approach utilizes technology to create demand for your temporary or short term assignments. When you post a shift, thousands of credentialed healthcare workers are notified via Quinable’s app and they immediately express interest in working your shift.

With Quinable, you get to set your own rates that you want to pay. With this approach, you get to make sure that not only are your staffing needs being met but your budget is always in control – because with Quinable, we give the control back to where it belongs, with you!

Your Jobs. Your Needs.

No one knows your Facility better than you. We give you the control you need to make the financial decisions.

 “Quinable gives our facility power, flexibility, and full access to the platform of an army of providers who created great profiles simply downloading the app. We absolutely love the simplicity of how it all works! The best way to describe Quinable is like a “staff delivery service.” – Vanessa Green, American House Michigan


The future of healthcare staffing is in your control.

With demand for staff surging, App-based shift selection is the new normal for Healthcare Staffing.  Providers are ready more than ever to step up and help you when you have an open shift assignment. Post your shift, let the market come to you and enjoy a new way of staffing.

We have 1000’s of fully credentialed healthcare workers such as caregivers, CNA’s. LPN/RN and more ready is all it takes to see why we have been disrupting the staffing market nationwide. 

“I highly recommend Quinable to all senior living communities! Quinable has been an asset to our carestaff needs! Right idea at the right time! I use the Quinable platform on a daily basis posting, and filling my shifts. Quinable platform provides qualified and experienced providers who are ready to work within minutes!! With Quinable, I control my community labor cost on each shift and my savings are immediate!” – Tammy Koc, Administrator, Halsted Place

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With Quinable’s on-demand staffing platform you now have an alternative & affordable solution compared to traditional staffing agencies. The results are immediate!


All inclusive platform

With Quinable, you no longer have to call around different agencies trying to find the best fit then negotiating rates and terms back and forth costing your business time and money. Get started now and see why Quinable is the fastest growing staffing solution.

Controlling your Human Capital Expenditures

Once you dive into the high-value pool of Quinable Providers and receive prominent in-app shift placement, Quinable will handle the rest for our loyal customers. You will receive up to 60 days billing terms on all placements!

On-demand staffing and great service too.

The perfect staffing solution requires close collaboration. We’ve added operational data points on your Dashboard section to help strengthen relationships and bring a delightful experience to each and every shift. This means confidence that when you add a shift, Providers can reliably sign up and be ready when you need them. It’s fast, cost-effective and streamlined.

“Quinable continues to help us tap into top Providers effortlessly that we would never have access to without the partnership.”

Patricia Hill

HR, Reliant Senior Services

How Does Quinable’s On-Demand Staffing Platform Work?

We utilize technology to reduce the ineffciencies of the staffing industry. By removing the ineffeciences it helps to drive down the cost of staffing for our clients because we have create a “marketplace of demand” for our clients staffing needs. This demand is what helps not only drive down your costs, but gives you the control immediately.


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Simply enter your open shifts you need filled, the requirements and the rate you can afford. Quinable technology will do all the rest. Now you are seeing why Quinable continues to disrupt the staffing industry!


Select the Providers

Once you post your shift, Quinable broadcasts your needs to 1000’s of available healthcare providers in your area in seconds. You pick the one you like based on their profile, credentials and reviews!

Control Your Costs with Quinable

Reach new healthcare workers and increase your operating margins with Quinable. Ready to grow your business, decrease your staffing costs and increase your profitability? Sign up today.

Highlights: Showcase Your Facility in the Community with Tailored Shift Recommendations, Facility Management Portal Available, Facility App Available. We are in your community and ready to show you the future of staffing. Call us 800-341-2501 today.


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