Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quinable?

Quinable is an on-demand staffing platform that connects the top healthcare providers with reputable healthcare facilities that need their short term shift assignments filled quickly without the high cost of traditional staffing agencies.

Where is Quinable located?

We are based in Austin, Texas and backed by experienced staffing & software leadership.

How is Quinable different than traditional staffing?

Quinable helps Facilities connect to qualified helthcare providers in real-time, by removing the unnecessary delays and hurdles it normally takes to fill daily staffing requirements, while creating real cost savings to your bottom line on every assignment. 

What are Quinable's rates?

Quinable does not have a standard rate sheet that a traditional staffing agency. Instead, we allow our Facility clients to set the rates that best fit their budget. This approach, while unheard of, makes the most sense to your business. After all, only you know what the best rate is for your business.

How long does it take to get started with Quinable?

How fast can you type? It’s as simple as registering your account and then entering your staffing needs.