Pay, Post and Pray you find an ideal applicant for your opening.

So many companies turn to job boards hoping to solve their hiring needs. From our experience, this rarely works — or rarely works well — for a number of reasons:

The best opportunities are less competitive because they are hidden away, often at small but rapidly growing companies, and the best applicants are most likely to be actively looking for new opportunities rather than browsing job sites. In fact, over 70% of job seekers aren’t even looking for a job on a job board these days. Most have friends or colleagues that refer them or they are using “Future of Work” technology to find a position.

Why is this? The job postings are often too general to attract the right applicants.

It’s commonly estimated that up to 80% of available positions aren’t even advertised. Job boards are all sharing their postings with job aggregates. They are more interested in applicants than the quality of applicants. Many job boards are not properly curated to attract high-quality candidates – especially the ones you are looking for. Just adding a single keyword is not enough to stand out from the crowd. Hiring managers spend more time managing the application process than evaluating candidate qualifications. For these reasons and more, posting a job on a job board rarely delivers the results you expected and eventually leads to high turnover and loss of income to your business.

Job boards are not an ineffective recruiting tool – if you have the time, budget and patience to recruit all day every day. They certainly are an effective way to reach a pool of passive candidates, many of whom are perfectly qualified to fill the role you’re looking for. However, using job boards to find ideal hires is also a highly inefficient way to hire new employees. Here’s why:

Job boards exist on a supply and demand curve. The more demand for a particular position, the more the position will be advertised and the more candidates will apply. The more expensive a job posting is, the more people will apply. They job boards will always justify why you need to spend moey with them. As a business you are always encouraged to spend more money promoting your job to reach the right audience, so you follow their advice because they understand yoru hiring needs, right? Wrong.

The job boards are trying to sell you on the idea that you need to advertise with them because “there are so many candidates”. That may very well be true but why do you need to pay them more money when you could just spend the money to promote your job in more effective channels? That’s where the supply/demand curve comes into play again: one free post on a popular job search site gets 100+ applications, most of which won’t be a good fit for your role.

We don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound fun spending $500 for a job posting and hoping you get a qualifed applicant. It also doesn’t sound like an effective use of your resources considering there are better channels to use when it comes to advertising a job posting.

From an applicant standpoint, there’s a lot of debate out there about whether or not job boards work. Some people think that they’re just a scam, or that they somehow hurt your chances of getting a job more than they help. Others think that they’re the best way to get hired – especially if you’re looking for an entry level position. We are here to tell you that we believe job boards just don’t work.

The best opportunities are hidden away, often at small but rapidly growing companies or well-estabished and reputable ones, but where does that leave you? The best place to find these jobs is on a personal recommendation from someone you trust who knows about a job opening that’s right for you. That doesn’t necessarily rule out using a job board, but it makes more sense to rely on the recommendations of your network than on a centralized database where everyone else has the same opportunities.

So how does a company find qualified applicants if job boards are a role of dice?

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