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Download the app, build your profile, you control when you want to work, then you determine where you want to work and lastly you control the rate you want to be paid.

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The first end-to-end shift delivery platform that connects the working community

Quinable is changing the way the healthcare staffing world works by offering an end-to-end digital platform for local professionals and businesses to easily connect in a simple, reliable way. Quinable is a platform to help both parties reach the monetary benefits each party is seeking without the need for a middleman. 

Healthcare facilities want to control costs while meeting dynamic human capital needs. Healthcare providers want to earn more while retaining work schedule flexibility. Now both are possible with Quinable.

Picking Up Shifts is Easy

For Workers

Quinable removes layers of expense by giving you the control and platform to work directly with facilities who are needing your services when you are available. By removing the middle-men of agencies and recruiters, you now have the control. select when you want to work, where you want to work and the rate you want to be paid. 

Filling Your Shifts is Easy

to For Facilities

Quinable allows facilities to broadcast their open shift needs to an audience of qualified providers who are at the ready. Get the leads you need today! With Quinable, you select the best worker that matches your needs and you get to control the spending on each shift. The benefit in the savings immediately! All under your control because it’s your business.

Technology is changing the way everyone works. Quinable was designed to provide a platform that is offering the rewarding benefits that everyone is seeking.